Intrada Lofts in the Carondelet Neighborhood - 2017 St. Louis City Talk Favorite

Most of the development proposals and larger projects have been in the central neighborhoods of St. Louis. Yet, this year we see more near north and south projects as well. There are also things happening on the north and southernmost extremities as well. 

The Intrada Lofts project at the southern terminus of Grand in the Carondelet Neighborhood is one such project. 

Now, this project was somewhat of a bitter pill to swallow as we lost the former Southern Funeral Home as a result of it. That building was one of our personal favorites in this part of the city. But with a grain of salt in my craw, I'm willing to accept that the property was a tough one to repurpose for modern residential, retail or restaurant space. And, the important corner building at Grand and Holly Hills Avenue, known locally as the "Shoppers Cleaners Building" was in a bad way. The building was neglected by its former owner to the extent that I feared it would succumb to the firebugs/squatters or the elements. The property had over 250 Citizen Service Bureau complaints against it.

Google Street View image from 2016

Google Street View image from 2016

We couldn't lose this handsome urban building built in 1928, and that is the good news here, it is being saved, and the new use concept seems righteous.

The Vecino Group, "a company devoted to housing for the greater good" is based in Springfield, Missouri. Here's their concept for the building:

Intrada is an intergenerational supportive housing community that will provide the first permanent supportive housing in Missouri for youth aging out of foster care. 20% of the units will provide youth with extremely low rents, furnished apartments, onsite case management from Epworth Children and Family Services, and emergency funding for unforeseen circumstances. The remaining units will provide affordable housing for seniors and families. All residents will benefit from onsite services from the Carondolet Community Betterment Federation.
— Vecino Group

How can you argue with that?

Vecino Group have a track record as they rehabbed a beautiful building that was in bad shape on Delmar. Per a February, 2017 story on NextSTL via the Grand-Bates website:

A circa 1928 apartment building located at 4011 Delmar in the city’s Vandeventer neighborhood has been rehabbed at a cost of approximately $6 million into 68 affordable apartments for formerly homeless veterans. The developer is the Vecino Group of Springfield, Mo. The development’s name is Freedom Place.
— Ryan Barnes - NextSTL

The Shoppers Cleaners building will be saved and stabilized and bring more people to a great, easy to live in part of the city. Everything you need to live a dignified, convenient, healthy lifestyle is right here...including the gorgeous Carondelet Park.

Intrada Lofts will make the southern terminus of Grand look proud once again.

Let's hope those street trees along Holly Hills Avenue come to fruition. 

The following photos were taken within a week of publishing. The windows are an obvious disappointment and when looking at the renderings, you can't help but think we got slipped a mickey.