Steelcote Crossing in the Midtown Neighborhood

I went on a long scooter ride in that weird, disconnected, railway-heavy part of the Midtown Neighborhood back in 2017. I kept dreaming of how this part of the city could somehow be reconnected. Click HERE to see that post.

It’s such an odd, underutilized area. But with the Armory and Foundry projects, maybe there is hope. Another huge preservation win is the renovation of the Steelcote and Columbia Oil buildings, collectively called “Steelcote Crossing”, these aging beauties will be renovated into apartments.

Preservation of our history and irreplaceable architecture and building materials is just such a wonderful thing to keep you optimistic on St. Louis’ trajectory.

I will keep this one short, because I wrote about this project back in October, 2018. You can read it and see all the picture and such HERE.

The reason we put this on our 2018 favorites list is because it’s in such a tough area for investment. But, if we can connect this area to Chouteau, it can become another gem of an area with an industrial feel. I’ve seen parts of town in Kansas City and Memphis that remind me of this part of Midtown. It could be so cool and strangely remote and unique.

I love preservation projects, and this one being so close to where we live is a constant reminder that St. Louis’ potential is unmatched.

Here are couple updated photos to show the progress as of publishing:

More of this kind of thing, right? I love living here and watching these long abandoned properties see new investment and life.