79 Neighborhoods in St. Louis

I've lived in six different neighborhoods in St. Louis since 1994. But many parts of the city were unfamiliar to me. As a responsible citizen, I feel you have to make strides to truly understand your city. You have to know the entire city, not just your little neck of the woods.  Looking at a map of all 79 neighborhoods, it was hard not become fascinated with the names and arbitrary borders. Back in 2009, the timing seemed right to visit and document my findings/observations from each and every neighborhood. So in an effort to satisfy my curiosity, I spent a day in each of the 79 neighborhoods taking photos and notes as I go. I made a separate post on each neighborhood. It took me over two years to complete, but I captured a period of time in our long history and I've been making updates as years pass to keep them somewhat up-to-date. Check them out and leave a comment if I missed anything worthy of shedding a light on.  Cheers!

General Neighborhood Posts

St. Louis Neighborhoods