Back in the saddle

I used to have a blog named South St. Louis City Talk. I had a lot of fun with it, but due to time constraints I decided to step away for awhile. Not a week after I deleted the blog and all it's past content, some other guy picked up the address and started operating his own blog under that exact same name and address. This aggravated me, but I'll chalk it up to an Internet lesson learned. Anyhow, at least the guy granted my request and posted a disclaimer that stated that I was in no way affiliated with what he would write or post.

To make a long story short, I recently decided to jump back into the STL blogging world. And this will be my second attempt at creating discussion around issues that are important to me surrounding this fine city (and occasionally random thoughts on tasty musical selections).

I originally got into the St. Louis blogging thing from reading an article in the South City Journal that mentioned these sites:
Brick City
Urban Review STL
Since then, I became a daily reader of these and a short list of other STL-related blogs.
I recently read/watched one of Steve Patterson's recent posts regarding Marine Villa:
Check out the video if you haven't already. It's fantastic in that it shows how the entrenched STL old-guard operates. It shows how badly we need fresh blood and ideas in this town. But most of all, it shows how one person can make a difference and drive change. Without Steve's direct account of the proceeding, I would never have known about this.

We need term limits to aldermanic positions. We need balanced people who can be inclusive of all interested, logical and intelligent parties involved in neighborhood associations.

The original point I was trying to make is that, I have once again been inspired to write and hopefully raise awareness about the issues and opinions of a commoner living in South City.