1001-1003 Russell Boulevard in Soulard - 3 story - 21 apartment mixed use building

Continuing with favorite development proposals and projects of 2017, Soulard has a mixed use development plan on a very high profile street within the neighborhood.

There are certain parcels of land in high profile neighborhoods that make you scratch your head and say who is sitting on that and not doing anything with it? This is one such vacant lot that most people probably recognize.

The strange property at 1001-03 Russell is one such lot. There is an elevation shift that occurs on Russell as you dip down toward the River between Menard and 9th Streets. In fact, there is a Dutch Colonial home with a large setback, that sits on top of a hill with a concrete retaining wall around the property to hold back the elevation change. Then there are two small homes built in 1953 that are also setback from the street and made no attempt to blend in with the neighborhood. It's an odd stretch for Soulard which is what makes this project exciting as it will be a drastic improvement to the street wall.


There is no doubt the walkability of Russell will be improved. It will be more of a continuous street without gaps. Look across the street and you have a nearly perfect row of Soulard homes; the north site of the street will look much better.


I first read about this on on NextSTL in November, 2017

The city’s Preservation Board on November 27 will consider more mixed use residential within the Soulard Historic District. Proposed is a $4.1 million, three story structure at 1001-03 Russell on the north side of the block between 9th and Menard. The lot was purchased for $410,000 in April and currently is vacant. Twenty-one apartments will rise above first floor retail. An equal number of off-street parking spaces will be accessed from the alley.
— Greg Johnson - NextSTL

I like the size at three stories, it will match up with the mixed use building directly west:


Twenty one apartments provides a smaller option for those not wanting the larger building lifestyle like the projects at Russell/Gravois or 9th/Victor. And of course, more opportunity for mixed uses at street level is exciting. 

Vacant lots converted to mixed use residential is always an improvement. Soulard will look much better along this stretch. Keep your eye on this one, it should make a big difference.

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