79 Neighborhoods of St. Louis

Many refer to St. Louis as a city of neighborhoods. According to this source, there are 79 distinct neighborhoods in St. Louis. I recognize most of these neighborhoods by name only. Sadly, I could only accurately describe how to get to 32 of them. That means I could not reliably tell you how to get to 60% of my own city. Pretty lame, eh?

Furthermore, I was surprised not to see Dogtown and Kingshighway Hills on this list. I thought these were official neighborhoods. Guess not. Turns out what I've always considered as Dogtown is actually the Clayton/Tamm neighborhood and Kingshighway Hills is officially North Hampton.

I've lived in St. Louis for 15 years. I lived in Belleville, Illinois for 19 years. In order for me to honestly call myself a St. Louisian, I figure I should have spent the majority of my life there. I still feel STL is new to me in many ways and Belleville is my true "hometown". However in 5 years, I will statistically have spent the majority of my years in STL. Therefore, by my own personal standards, I'm on the verge of becoming a true St. Louisian. The timing seems right that I should visit and document my findings/observations from each and every neighborhood. So in an effort to satisfy my curiosity, I plan to spend a day in each of the 79 neighborhoods taking photos and notes as I go. I will make a separate post on each neighborhood.

I think I'll start with "heights" neighborhoods. There are 7 of them:

Botanical Heights
Boulevard Heights
Clifton Heights
Compton Heights
Hamilton Heights
McKinley Heights
Princeton Heights

Stay tuned.