Shop the City

Have you seen those stickers around town that say "Shop the City"?

I agree with the sentiment. I go out of my way not to spend money in the burbs.

I recently attempted to simplify my life by dropping the non-local bank and cell phone company I've done business with for years.

The last straw with the bank was that they built a brand new headquarters in a flood plain in Chesterfield. I realize money is not stored in banks, but on principal, I cannot trust my money with an institution that settles down in a high risk flood plain. That just seems counter intuitive to me.

Secondly, ATT seems to be a big employer in STL. I went with them, dropping Verizon who does not employ as many in the city.

Speaking of city related stickers, where would one pick up one of those oval shaped CITY stickers I see about town?