Mount Pleasant Park

Mount Pleasant Park is 1 of 3 parks serving

the Mount Pleasant neighborhood

.  It is a 3.17 acre park that has been in existence since 1812.

The park is located in a pocket of the neighborhood that faces the backs and alleys of the surrounding homes.  That makes the park have kind of an awkward view of dumpsters and garages as opposed to front porches.

note the "take a free book box" to encourage youth reading

The park is located between North Dakota Street, Taft Street, E. Michigan and W. Michigan Streets (really alleys):

The park has seen better days as the benches, picnic tables, and other amenities have been destroyed by the park goers.  The signs of public drinking are heaviest around the playground unfortunately.  

 straw in the beast

Routine maintenance has been deferred for quite awhile and it is starting to show.

The park has a great view of the church spires of St. Anthony Padua to the north.

The homes to the west of the park are classic St. Louis homes.

There is a really cool roller hockey rink that is in good condition.  It is used more for bikes riding as evidenced by the tire marks on the surface.

There is a hopscotch and four square area (something rather rare in STL parks) and a decent little playground.

There are signs of neighbors embracing the area around the sign by adding landscaping, but not much else.