Follow Up Post RE: The Evening Whirl

So I recently stumbled across a St. Louis original, the Evening Whirl. The story is all right here.

Happenstance and the Whirl made it's way into my afternoon today when I picked up two Sprites and a bag of Skittles (don't judge me) and asked the gas station attendant for the Whirl.

I wanted to read another issue to follow up with a little extra observation to make sure I fairly wrote up a summary of my firsthand experience reading the publication. Multiple replications make for good science and sound statistics (and better blogs).

She pointed me to a stack of the Whirls, rang up the bill and gave me a weird look. "It's three sixes (666)", she said.

Sure enough my bill was $6.66.

We both kind of chuckled, and I said something like "yeah, three of a kind is good but not with sixes."

She kinda shook off that awkward rebuttal and said, "no you asked for the Whirl, then you got 666."

Read: a) not good luck for you or b) "don't let me see you in the Whirl."