Neighborhood Profiles in 2011

Happy New Year!  Only 21 neighborhoods left:
  1. Carondelet
  2. Bevo Mill
  3. Southwest Garden
  4. Tower Grove South
  5. Dutchtown
  6. Peabody, Darst, Webbe
  7. Downtown
  8. Downtown West
  9. Central West End
  10. Wells/Goodfellow
  11. Kingsway West
  12. The Greater Ville
  13. Vandeventer
  14. JeffVanderLou
  15. Hyde Park
  16. Fairground Neighborhood
  17. O'Fallon
  18. Mark Twain
  19. Baden
  20. Riverview
  21. North Riverfront
I've been putting off the neighborhoods with the largest area simply out of laziness.  I'm VERY interested in Carondelet, Dutchtown, Baden and others...but they are huge and will take me all day or weekend to capture.

Central West End and Downtown will probably be last on the list simply because they will require walking to do them justice and I could take 1000s of pictures of these two premier locations in St. Louis.

The recent poll indicated that most readers want pictures and info on current developments.  I will focus on these 2 topics.

Thanks for reading and here's to the continued renaissance of St. Louis in 2011!