Clifton Heights Park

Originally developed as a private park for residents of the Clifton Heights subdivision (now neighborhood), the tract was conveyed to the city in 1912. Eventually, the city bought adjoining property to the south and east, enlarging the park to its current size of 4.4 acres.

The park is located roughly between Columbia, Sulphur, Elizabeth and the winding Clifton Avenue.

This park has arguably the most unique topography in all of the city.  It's in low lying land that looks up to the surrounding homes.  The unconventional winding streets are not common for St. Louis where the recti-linear street grid rules in most of the city.

This neighborhood with its mix of larger frame Victorian style houses is quite unique for St. Louis.  In fact, it reminds me of the small suburban city of Webster Groves, MO (pop. 22,989).  The Victorian stylings seem to flow down through the park from the surrounding neighborhood creating winding walkways that all seem to lead toward the lake that is really the heart of the park.

The charming lake with ducks, geese, two fountains, a viewing deck and "boat house" all make up quite a beautiful scene in Clifton Heights Park.

It is great to see the neighbors investing in landscapes of wildflowers, etc.

I saw some dog walkers on my visit, and there is a dog station to assist in responsible curbing of dogs.

The homes surrounding and in the general vicinity of the park are amazing.

There is a set of mixed use buildings near the south west side of the park that could be great restaurants, etc to draw people into the neighborhood.

There is a recreational spot in the park as well with a basketball hoop and playground.

a rare functional water fountain

Mature trees dot the sweeping views of a beautiful, unique St. Louis neighborhood.  Clifton Heights Park is a relaxing, peaceful setting on St. Louis' southwest side.