STL Popular Recommendation

Here's a list of things I don't like that most people do when it comes to the Lou:

Ted Drewes I like that it's vibrant. I like that they keep the original one on Grand open (the one I go to). I like the mini-baseball hats at the STL Hills one. Heck, I like that so many people like this stuff. Sorry, I just don't get the product. Give me some ice cream or gelato.

Chris' pancakes Huh? Uncle Bills is weirder. Courtesy is weirder. Eat Rite is weirder. Buttery is weirder. So. City Diner is better.

Busch III Don't get me wrong, I love the Cards. Okay, we won a World Series here, that's great. But, until a stadium has sticky floors and smells like piss, I don't qualify it. Building concession stands, souvenir stands, etc out of those cheezy cinder block things is unacceptable in the Brick City.

Parades I just don't get it. Yeah, the kids like these things. But I don't. BFD

Hodaks I've yet to find a place in STL that has good, no great, fried fish. The chicken is good, but the fish is so-so.

I'm sure I'll add more later.