Local Bands

A much trusted old friend of mine casually played an album from a local band, Miles of Wire. I loved it. It was solid from start to finish. The singer had Jeff Tweedy inflections and intonations and they kind of had a Wiskeytown vibe, yet were very original. I tried to find this album, but it is not for sale on their website. The copy my friend played was burned and had no title. Anybody know anything about these guys? I'm tempted to go and see them.

What are the best St. Louis based bands/musicians of the last 10 years?

I'm certainly no expert, but here's some local shit that has made an impression with me over the years:

Son Volt
Chuck Berry and his daughter who plays a wicked harp.
Henry Townsend
Bennie Smith
Highway Matrons
Gentlemen Callers

What am I missing?