Soulard Market Park

Soulard Market Park is 1 of 108 St. Louis parks, making up 1.94 of the total 2,956 acres of dedicated park space.  This park is in the shadow of the awesome Soulard Market and is probably familiar to most St. Louisans.

The park was placed into ordinance in 1908 and is at the corner of 7th Street and Lafayette Avenue.

The park is made of a large green space to the left in the screen capture above.  This area is used for art fairs, recreation, etc.

The entire park is surrounded by an iron fence complete with Fleur De Lis.

There are 2 playgrounds, 1 for little kids and one for older kids toward 7th street.

I have great memories of eating fresh blackberries and other local treats while the kids run around and play.

There is also a center pavilion which is currently under repair.  This promenade is beautiful and leads up the south entrance to the Market.

There is public art sculpture flanking the entry.

A plaque commemorates Rudolph "Sheriff" Piskulick and it reads:

In honor of "Sheriff" Rudolph G. Piskulick


Mardi Gras, Inc. Board of Directors 2005-2010

Mardi Gras Chairman 2010

Longtime Soulardian

"Soulard has had no greater or bigger friend"

Bike racks are common in the park and around the market.

There is some nice garden work planted between the 2 playgrounds that was done by the Soulard Restoration Group.

As mentioned before, if you want landscaping and a park that complements the pride and style of the neighborhood it takes volunteers willing to work their tails off to make good things happen.  It is good to see the Soulard Restoration Group taking this park under their caring wing.

The buildings, homes and of course the market are typical St. Louis classics.  Visiting this part of town is a blast.  You have pizza, bars, ice cream shops, incredibly good BBQ at Bogarts...etc.  The market and neighborhood have soul.

Soulard is a gem of this city.