Positive Press for the City...can it be?

I caught a story on Channel 4's local newscast last night. Larry Conners is running a series called "Good News 4 A Change". I commend him and KMOV for attempting something positive and informative. For whatever reason, I am suspect of big local media such as T.V. and the Post. Maybe I'm overly defensive, but I think the Post and newscasts seem to be pretty negative on STL.

So, I'm happy to see Larry Conners attempting to shed some positive light. Last night he did a story on the residential increases downtown. He interviewed a young family raising a newborn in a rental loft. The woman interviewed was bright, intelligent and optimistic about city living. She mentioned all the things that I like to hear about the city. She got rid of her car, is saving money and time (~$400/month), likes the atmosphere, she isn't scared by the schools and intends to raise their child in the city. Well done! You can email your story ideas to Larry on the website. Maybe they should do a story on the fantastic network of online discussions and blogs related to city living??? Maybe a story on urban gardening??? Any other ideas???

Let's keep the momentum of STL positivity going in the mainstream media.

I would like to see the airwaves and local publications teeming with positive stories on city living. I would like to view more local reporters as advocates to the city, as opposed to ambulance chasers.

Another positive sign: last weekend, KSDK did a story on the Post Office Plaza and interviewed not only the obvious players like Slay and Jim Cloar, but also gave Steve Patterson a spot in the story.

And then I read this story by Jake Wagman on city restaurant, Pi, heading to the White House to make pizza for the prez. Awesome!

So, if you are like me and want to see more positive stuff on the news relating to STL, email the local media with your story. Let's show the region that STL is the place to be: a city with an identity and sense of place. The best city in the region....hands down.