Unity Park

Unity Park is 1 of 108 St. Louis parks.  This 2 acre park is located on the former Walnut Park School grounds at the intersection of Riverview Boulevard and Thekla Avenue in the Walnut Park East neighborhood:

The park was placed into ordinance in 2004 per the city website.  While the city website does not list a location, accurate map or correct neighborhood (the say this is within Baden).

The park has paved walkways that start at each corner and convene in the center where there are two monuments and a bench.

The first monument is a stone and fiberglass sculpture dedicated to the children in the neighborhood.

The second is a granite monument dedicated to veterans of WWII.

There are nicely landscaped areas at the corner and center of the park.

Walnut Park School, now closed, was built in 1909 by renowned architect William B. Ittner:

Walnut Park School was opened in 1900, at Robin and Thekla Avenues, in a small frame structure. Rapid growth of the community made larger and more modern educational facilities necessary, with the result that the present Walnut Park School at 5814 Thekla was opened in September, 1909. It had 18 classrooms, two gymnasiums, an auditorium and a block square site which provided ample playground space. The school was designed by architect William B. Ittner at a cost of $161,188. (source)

Hopefully the school will see a new use, as today the grounds are overgrown and a decaying animal skeleton marks the front door, a symbol of abandonment.