We Are Putting the Fox back in Fox Park...You Can Help!

Hello readers and friends.  Fox Park is making tremendous progress as an "up-and-coming" neighborhood.  This part of the city is clearly on the rise.  Part of making a vibrant city is to embrace public art.  Someone driving or walking by will notice the creativity and life that artwork brings and think, wow this place is organized and happening.  Think of the many signs and murals along Manchester in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood between Vandeventer and Kingshighway.  The place is eye-catching and alive.

Some in Fox Park have taken notice of the Grove and other like parts of town and contacted the very talented artist that creates many of those beautiful murals.  She came up with a design for Fox Park that was met with much love from the majority in the nabe. 

The park, for which the neighborhood gets its name, is undergoing a major renovation.  I will be posting a comprehensive story on that in the coming days.  The fire hydrants around the park were tired and rusty and faded, so we sanded them down, primed them and dressed them up with the new logo. 

From this:

To this:

This change was met with positive feedback from the park users and neighbors.  So we are taking it to the next level...and you can help.

The neighborhood was walked and we located each and every hydrant in our small neighborhood.  There are a total of 80 hydrants...let's paint them all!

Here are the locations of the hydrants:

You can be a part of the remaking of a small part of our city by "adopting" a hydrant for a mere $50/hydrant.  The cost will go to wire brushes, paint/supplies and paying the artist to paint the fox design...the remainder goes to our dog park fund raising campaign.  The donation is tax deductible and you will get a receipt.  Just click


 to learn the details.  So pick your top 3 locations and send in a donation to the following address:

Fox Park Hydrant Campaign

P.O. Box 58718

St. Louis, MO 63158

Help a critical part of St. Louis shine like it should! 

Thanks for your consideration, Mark.