2008 in review

Here are some words that were new to me, or rediscovered, in 2008. For whatever reason, they mean a lot and seem worth repeating and banging out on the keyboard to remember and enjoy again.

Thinking of the humility of trying to explain your simple thoughts and feelings:

"When I cannot sing my heart, I can only speak my mind" from "Julia" by John Lennon on White Album 1968

Then thinking of depression and someone very dear to me who is six right now; and of course undying hope for better days and experiencing youth second hand through those living it right now:

"He knew only that the child was his warrant. He said: If he is not the word of God God never spoke...Then they set out along the blacktop in the gunmetal light, shuffling through the ash, each the other's world entire...Slumping along. Filthy, ragged, hopeless. He'd stop and lean on the cart and the boy would go on and then stop and look back and he would raise his weeping eyes and see him standing there in the road looking back at him from some unimaginable future, glowing in that waste like a tabernacle...and when he lay down he knew that he could go no further and that this was the place where he would die...He lay watching the boy at the fire. He wanted to be able to see. Look around you, he said. There is no prophet in the earth's long chronicle who's not honored here today. Whatever form you spoke of you were right. "

from "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy 2006

Then thinking of 'A Farewell To Arms' and a nice night in October of 1997:

"Do you want to dance?
Will you wear my ring?
Will you lay with me until the final bullets sing
Over our heads.
Over our heads.
And a lover's waltz will turn until the end"

from "Lover's Waltz" by A.A. Bondy 2007