A non-meathead, non-suburban style, non-generic sportsbar

I don't frequent a particular bar, or bars in general for that matter. I've got 3 kids under 8, so you can catch my drift. But I like to drink and watch the occasional game. I have been totally into the Blues for the last 4 months or so. They are rarely on Channel 11, so I want to go somewhere and watch a game and be able to carry on a conversation.

Being in Boulevard Heights, I want to go somewhere close. I go to Garavaglia's Hilltop Inn for Cards games every now and again because I like the atmosphere (reminds me of my beloved hometown of Belleville, IL)....but I don't like Bud/Bud Light, their only drafts.

A friend who lives in Princeton Heights called me up on the spur of the moment to watch the Calgary game last weekend and I said sure. He said I should pick the place. I was on the spot....where can I get a decent beer (Guinness, Schlafly, New Castle) that has nice big TVs and is a civilized environment for guys in their 30's who just want to watch the game and be able to converse?

I googled sports bars in St. Louis. Of course, 90% of the hits were not even in St. Louis. However, there was a glowing review for Barney's on Chippewa and Hampton. Perfect: lots of TVs, nice staff, serviceable pub food, close to home. We gave it a try. Don't believe what you read: It sucks!!!!! There was ridiculous contemporary country music and what I'll call idiot calculated suburban rage music BLASTING over the sound system. They did put the Blues game on and had Guinness in cans, but it was not the place to fit my needs. Left and went to the Ugly Fish Tavern on Meramec. I drive by here all the time. This would have been the perfect place but it was PACKED with tons of people and loud. I'm not complaining, I was happy to see the bar hopping, it's just I'm looking for a place a little more subdued.

So I'll ask the general public, where is a good non-chain place near the south side that has:
  • decent TVs
  • noise levels low enough to hear the commentary
  • good beer
  • decent food
  • low meat-head quota
  • friendly service/welcoming atmosphere