Excellent Medical Facilities in St. Louis

We are fortunate to live in a city that has 2 fantastic teaching hospitals. Between Barnes/Jewish/Children's and SLU/Cardinal Glennon, we are in good hands when medical care is needed.

If you've ever had to go to Children's or Cardinal Glennon, you know they are very special, top notch children's hospitals.

I was again reminded of how nice it is to live in a city with learning hospitals. My wife is getting braces. Our insurance does not cover adult orthodontia. She got a couple bids with some local orthodontists who quoted her in the neighborhood of $5,500. Bummer, eh? She kind of balked a little, and then found out that St. Louis University has an orthodontics school and they accept adult patients to help train and instruct students on the processes.

The cost was quoted at $3,100. Nearly 44% lower than the cost at the private practices we tried. From the website:

"Fees collected at the time of service go toward the operation of the school’s clinics and make it possible to offer ongoing services at reasonable prices.
CADE fees for endodontic and periodontic services are generally 50-60% less than fees charged in private practices in the St. Louis area."

A good cause indeed. A win:win situation if I've ever seen one. And, she also gets the satisfaction of being part of the learning process & experiences of a new generation of orthodontists.

The facilities are top notch, and quite new. She will be receiving her orthodontic work under the close watch of students. Let's hope they keep their Junior Mints to themselves.