I'm With Wayne

If you are familiar with the Flaming Lips and/or Arcade Fire, read on:

Wayne Coyne recently spoke candidly to Rolling Stone about Win Butler of Arcade Fire. To boil it down, he basically said Win's an a$$hole and treats people like $hit.

Win Butler responded on his website.

Why am I even concerned with this minor non-news item? Because I am a huge Flaming Lips fan. I think Christmas on Mars is one of the top 10 sci-fi films of all time. I think Steven Drozd is one of the top 10 rock drummers of all time. I think this band has taken psychedelia and prog rock to a new dimension with their 1-2-3 album punch of Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots and At War With The Mystics.

So I trust Wayne's opinions. And if you've ever listened to Arcade Fire, you know they have huge elitist/poseur/pretentious potentials. I like a few songs of their songs, I'm just saying. On the other hand, watch the Fearless Freaks documentary, or listen to the Spider Bite Song or Evil Will Prevail or Yeah Yeah Yeah Song and tell me Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd are pretentious....I dare you.