A Look Back at our 2016 and 2017 Favorite Development Proposals

Since 2016, we’ve made lists of our favorite development announcements and briefly discussed and photographed the sites under consideration.

These are personally a lot of fun. First of all, we have time off near the holidays and can dedicate some time and take stock in all the positive activity happening in our fair city. Sharing this personal excitement feels like the right thing to do maybe get others in an optimistic state about our city.

2017 was another busy year, you can read the full list of twenty projects here. By my count, two are completed with the Angad Hotel and Intrada Lofts. Another twelve are partially or fully underway or under construction including homes in Fox Park (50% underway), the Armory, the Westin Hotel, MoFo, Hibernia, Mop Factory, Soulard Russell mixed use building, Victor Iron Works, Civil Life Expansion, The Ville new homes, Vandeventer Estates and Adams Grove.

Another six are still being discussed and progressing, but to my knowledge, there is no groundbreaking or site clearance/remediation underway. These include Delmar Divine, Southeast corner of Skinker/Delmar (Church’s Fried Chicken), Railway Exchange, Riverview Marina, Clark School Renovation and York Hotel in CWE.

The list from 2016 is still in motion in some cases as well with six project completed, nine underway or very close (I’m including MLS stadium here) and sadly five that have not gained much traction including some of my very favorite buildings in St. Louis: the Chemical Building and Jefferson Arms. Also stalled or back at the planning stages is one that will transform the Lafayette Square Neighborhood at the former Praxair site near Chouteau. From a recent NextSTL story, there is talk of new renderings at the Northwest corner of Skinker and Delmar (former Shell station).

We are making progress in new construction and significant historic rehabs. There is a lot to be hopeful for, kind citizens of St. Louis. I’ll start on the recaps of finished products and get cracking on the list of 2018 favorites…will there be enough to top out a list of twenty?