Metro Service Cuts

Now that I'm actually using Metro, I am becoming more interested and aware of it's issues. When it comes to voting for tax increases to fund public transportation, I'm a ho. It's kind of like funding for libraries, park service, fire trucks, more just seems like the right thing to do. I can't vote no, even though I consider myself fiscally conservative.

Anyhow, Metro employees were handing out pamphlets at the various Metrolink platforms to inform users of the service cuts in light of Prop M failing. Let me make this clear: St. Louis could not vote on this! St. Louis county voted this down. It's fair to say that the county has no faith or need for it's public transportation system. St. Louis does and that's a major divide for our region.

Rant over. So what info was in the pamphlet? Who loses service? Does the county suburbs/exurbs loose (rightfully so)? Or, does St. Louis suffer as well?

Here are my opinions on 2 key points in the pamphlet they handed out.

From Metro (effective March 30, 2009):

"We sincerely regret the negative impact that these changes will have on you and the entire region. We will continue to seek funding necessary to restore service as soon as possible."--Mark says: thanks a lot sprawlers!

"MetroBus service in Illinois is not affected because St. Clair County Transit purchases service from Metro and pays for the routes and frequency they choose. Currently, St. Clair County Transit plans no bus service reductions."--Mark says: maybe St. Louis county should take this approach....fee for service....then St. Louis could focus on expanding it's services to the people that want and use buses/trains/shuttles. And St. Louis counties 91 cities could pick and choose the service they want on a city by city, route by route fashion.