Proposal for Mixed-Use Building on southeast corner of Delmar and Skinker

Last year we included a project that would replace a gas station with a mixed-use building at the northwest corner of Delmar and Skinker. The reasons we liked this one are HERE; still hopeful that this will come to fruition in 2018.

The news got even better for this important intersection on the St. Louis side of the Loop, the popular entertainment and dining strip that bridges two cities, St. Louis and University City.

I first saw activity on the southeast corner of Skinker and Delmar on November 5th, and tweeted the following photo of the former/shuttered Church's Fried Chicken:

My kindling of high hopes was ignited the following day when I read on NextSTL of a proposal for mixed-use building right on this exact location.

Plans by HDA Architects reveal two levels of residential above ground floor retail and structured parking. A rendering shows a residential lobby entrance facing Skinker with signage marking it as the residences @delmar.loop. Parking access will be from northbound Skinker.
— Greg Johnson - NextSTL

If the renderings posted on NextSTL are any indication of the final project, this one could be a huge win for the Loop and the Skinker/Debaliviere neighborhood

Imagine two corners of this intersection going from a shuttered, suburban fast food building and gas station to two mixed use buildings. The size of this one seems perfect at two stories.

The awesome building directly to the east on Delmar, as well as the beautiful church just south of the property on Skinker would blend in quite nicely with this building.

Much better than a ferris wheel, no? A city of ~310,000 people only needs one ferris wheel at most, and Union Station is the forerunner in that category. Less gimmick and more real city buildings is what we have here. This project will bring more people with an option for businesses on the first floor to a former dead corner...foot traffic and customers are needed to provide a jolt to the retail/entertainment/dining strip.

Built right to the corner, replacing a surface parking lot/fast food building, parking hidden within the building itself:  this would be a fantastic project for the Loop.