Vivian and Astra Park

Vivian Astra Park is 1 of 108 parks in St. Louis.  It makes up 1.1 of the total 2,956 acres of city park land.

The park is really an area between the convergence of Vivian and Astra avenues in

the North Point neighborhood

of St. Louis:

Here's how the streets got their names:

Vivian" is a usual English form of a Latin word meaning "living, alive." Originated In the North Pointe addition of 1921, it probably was named for a daughter of the Switzer family, former property owner. Vivian Avenue is in the 1921 North Pointe Addition north and west of Florissant Avenue.
Derived from a Greek word meaning star-like, in the 1921 North Pointe addition. (source)

There is no park sign or anything else really, just a cut-through and a trash can and a sign that says "no fun here folks":

The homes that line the park are the gingerbreads and bungalows of the 1920's that St. Louis has in spades.