Favorite Development Proposals From 2016...and 2017

Last year I made a Top Twenty list of my favorite projects announced in 2016. I visited the sites and tried to contextualize how the change would impact the area. It was a lot of fun. I plan to do this again for 2017, but I don't know if I'll be able to get to twenty. 2016 was an exceptional year for big announcements and projects.

Here was my list from 2016 with links to the blogs:

  1. Mixed use development at north west corner of Skinker and Delmar
  2. Everly on the Loop
  3. Chouteau's Grove
  4. 4101 Manchester
  5. 4400 Manchester
  6. Laclede Gas Pumping Station
  7. Curvy building on Tower Grove Avenue
  8. Pelican building on South Grand
  9. Jefferson Arms
  10. Chemical building
  11. River Des Peres Greenway Extension
  12. Ballpark Village (phase 2)
  13. St. Louis brewing scene expanding
  14. Better Family Life project on Page Avenue
  15. City Foundry
  16. Praxair site development in Lafayette Square
  17. Soulard mixed use building at Gravois and Russell
  18. SLU Dorms on Laclede
  19. 100 Kingshighway
  20. MLS stadium

Let's take a quick look at each project and where it stands a year later.

The following projects were completed:

Everly on the Loop

River Des Peres Greenway Extension

SLU Dorms on Laclede

The following are under construction:

Chouteau's Grove

4400 Manchester

The Pelican Building

St. Louis Brewing (I'll make this one a win even though there was some give and take)

The Foundry

Soulard project at Gravois and Russell

Curvy building on Tower Grove Avenue in Forest Park Southeast (although in it's earliest stages)

BPV Phase 2 (although in it's earliest stages)

The following have either stalled or not broken ground yet:

Skinker and Delmar Project in the Loop

4101 Manchester

Laclede Gas Pumping Station

Jefferson Arms

Chemical Building

Better Family Life 100 homes on Page Avenue

Praxair Site

100 Kingshighway

MLS Stadium

While projects take a long time to develop, 15% of my Top Twenty were completed in 2017 and another 40% are "under-construction". The brewing one is a bit complicated, as I was excited about Rockwell Brewing which didn't take off in 2017, and we are losing Modern Brewing to the suburbs. But, we gained Center Ice Brewing, a fantastic new space for Earthbound Brewing, 2nd Shift, Charleville, Wellspent Brewing Company soon to open and we had some great news about another local favorite expanding in 2018...more on that in my best of 2017 announcements.

I'll share some photos and thoughts on the completed or under construction projects from last year as well as make a new list of my favorite announcements of 2017 in a separate post.

Plenty to be optimistic about, and it's fun to make year end lists.