Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt died on Christmas day.  He will be missed in our home and in our hearts.  He was one of the most honest, funny, original musicians of my time and I'm glad I got turned on to him and saw him perform and will always listen to his music.  I am reminded of his song "New Town" from the About To Choke record released in 1996 when visiting new suburban enclaves:

new town reeks of lumber

new town beat the crowds

new town kittens discover

that the birds scrape the ground

and even the loneliest old ladies get social calls

where they dine and talk about their savior

and the grassroots effort to incorporate

elects a smiling mayor

new town Americana

new town rookie police

new town industries are wanted for the local employees

and a little bitty baby draws a nice clean breath

from over his beaming momma's shoulder

he's staring at the worldly wonders

that stretch just as far as he can see

but he'll stop staring when he's older

oh, new town

new town

new town

To me this sums up both the promise of new American towns as well as the eventual boringness and blandness that new towns leave behind as they age.  I'll miss you Vic.