Exciting Projects

Back in September, 2008 I did a post on my most anticipated projects in St. Louis:

The proposed Drury Inn at Kingshighway and I-64.

*This could extend the CWE, Barnes money and activity south to the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood.

The Bohemian Hill development in Lafayette Square.

*The addition of a some needed services in that part of town could be a main boost for that neighborhood.

The CVS drug store in Boulevard Heights.

*they are new to this market. If they can build an urban drug store (to the street with parking in back), I'll never go to Walgreens again.

The Great Rivers Greenway pedestrian trail

*The Morgan Ford to I-55 extension is nearly completed, the next step is from I-55 south to

Loughborough Commons.


*I'm still optimistic it will add activity to this part of Downtown. I'm hoping it doesn't end up a TGIFridays, and a nail salon & instant check cashing strip mall.

So what's the progress been in 8 months?

Drury Inn seems to be a go, and will be quite an improvement to the area. Most interstate passers by and out of town'ers will be impressed with the new I-64 interchange at Kingshighway. Think of these twin towers rising to the south and the behemoth that is Barnes-Jewish/Childrens to the north. Here's an excellent summary of the project from March.

Bohemian Hill has broken ground. The Walgreen's pharmacy is being constructed right now. I was visiting with a family member last night at the Georgian, right across the street and he's very optimistic about the development. All in all this is a good development. I know there are nay sayers. Maybe I'll have to eat crow when it's all said and done. But, I think this is a decent development. At least they are going to try to fit in with their surroundings. It seems like a softer landing for Walgreens than their typical search and destroy tactics such as Gravois/Hampton (I miss you Red Bird Lanes), Kingshighway/Arsenal (I miss you Carriage Bowl), Kingshighway/Chipppewa (I miss you Famous Barr).

CVS pharmacy in Boulevard Heights. I know this isn't a project with a big impact on the city. But, as a resident of this neighborhood, it's good to see the old Amoco/BP site get redeveloped. It's good to see Walgreens get a little competition. The demolition is nearly complete and construction likely will begin shortly. Will it be built to the street? with parking/drive through in back?

Great Rivers Bike Trail. Another fantastic extension from Morgan Ford to I-55. This pedestrian path has added so much to my neighborhood. There used to be ZERO activity in Christy Park. Now it's teeming with runners, walkers, cyclists, kids, etc. Love this project!


UUUURRRGGHHHH!!!!!!! I cannot believe there's no public protest on this one. I fantasize about a group of citizens trying to send a message to the DeWitts. A group with sandwich boards with names painted on them: "Ballpork Pillage", "Pujols' Pond", "Chesterfield Commons-Downtown", etc. This is an embarrassment. Put the heat on these clowns. Embarrass them when there are ~40,000 down there at each game. I think people would respond to a silent group walking the streets protesting. I can't believe they are getting away with this.

That's enough negativity....take a breath. In an economy that has been in recession for awhile, it's great to see projects moving forward (except DeWitt's).

Here are some more of my most anticipated projects on the horizon. I hope to take a look back in ~8 months and see where they're at.

Pelican Place

City Diner in midtown


law school expansion

I've been feelin' midtown lately. I like it here and it's getting better and better and of course the granddaddy of them all: BLAIRMONT!

Quite possibly the most exciting news to hit north city in 50 years! I can't stop thinking about this one. Now, if I can just get some facts.....

What are some of your favorite projects on the horizon?