City Garden's Latest Restaurant Tenant Hits The Nail On The Head

I've been spending a lot of time lately at Kiener Plaza and City Garden taking photos and enjoying the spaces. When you have kids, this place is even more exciting. They love hanging out in both places.

City Garden opened in July, 2009. This lushly landscaped outdoor art and fountain area has been a hit for visitors and residents as well.

It bills itself as an "urban oasis" and it lives up to the claim.

Here's a 2007 Google street view image to illustrate what was there before (grass).

Today, the two block area is alive and vibrant, a must visit for tourists and residents alike.

One of the less consistent offerings within City Garden were the restaurant tenants.

Since it's inception in 2009, the beautiful restaurant space and setting has seen four separate tenants starting with Terrace View, then Joe's Chili Bowl followed by Death In The Afternoon which occupied the space from June, 2014-November, 2016 when the owners decided to focus their efforts on another business. Per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, their endeavor was profitable and running well, they just shifted gears.

But it is the current tenant that feels like the perfect fit for the space.

Kaldi's Coffee recently moved in and I've been there twice. On both occasions, there was  a line to order and many of the tables were occupied. 

The vibe is good, the service is good, the offerings seem perfect for a quick visit to the parks or on your way home, back to the office or to a ballgame.

The setting is peaceful, and the al fresco space opens up to sculpture surrounded by a cool pool of water.

I think Kaldi's hits the nail on the head with this location.

I wish them all the best and will continue to support them on my visits.

You know while I'm on the Kaldi's tip, they have some pretty impressive spots in St. Louis, with five separate locations if you include the Roastery on Gratiot, near the Vandeventer exit off of I-64 east. 

Their St. Louis locations include Kayak's on Skinker, a BJC location on Euclid, a Children's Hospital location on Children's Place, the gorgeous Gerhart building on Vandeventer and now City Garden (source).

The latter two are catalysts for their respective areas. I spend a lot of time at both locations and can righteously say the coffee shops have invigorated the areas.

Kaldi's also has several other locations in the suburbs outside of St. Louis and other Missouri cities including Colombia and Kansas City, as well as Georgia.

The world can always use more coffee, no?

There are so many places to sit and admire a quality hot cup of Joe in Downtown St. Louis.

Great job Kaldi's!