Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of 3 parks within the Hyde Park neighborhood.

The park makes up 11.84 acres of the total 2,956 acres of park land in St. Louis. 

The park has been around since 1854 and is bordered by Blair Avenue, Salisbury Street, N. 20th Street and Bremen Avenue:

From the city website:

The neighborhood known as Hyde Park was once the town of Bremen.Among the many Germans who migrated to the St. Louis area in the 1840's were quite a few who were natives of the German city of Bremen. Since many of these families had settled along Bellefontaine Road, this area was given the name of New Bremen after their home town. A survey of the town area was executed by Edward Hutawa in 1844 at the direction of the four principal property owners; George Buchanan, E. C. Angelrodt, N. N. Destrehan and Emil Mallinckrodt. They were the incorporators of the town of Bremen in 1850 and the four east-west streets were named in their honor. Broadway was the main street and was dedicated as a public highway on May 10, 1852.

This park is beautiful.  It has a gazebo, fountain, lake, service building (closed) and playgrounds.  

hyde fountain.jpg

 horseshoe pits

just get rid of the damaged fence already, why does the park's dept. leave these meaningless, falling fences in place?

Once upon a time, the park had a lush landscape around the lake.

hyde park.jpg

The buildings and homes surrounding the park range from beautifully restored to abandoned.  

Former Krey meat packing company in the background

I miss the Nord St. Louis Turnverein which was still standing when I toured this neighborhood back in January, 2011.  This building was damaged by a fire caused by kids shooting fireworks off on July 4, 2006.

From Jan, 2011:

The lot at 20th and Salisbury is now an empty lot.  

Hyde Park is brimming with potential and the park, the centerpiece of the neighborhood, will hopefully rise as the neighborhood rises.