Westward Ho

Gateway to the west.  The last civilized (European) enclave before the great savage unknown.
Fur trading post (and walnut bowls)
Commemorative truck stop mini cannons and shot glasses
Rolls thrown due south of 44
References to the old South and the free North

The middle ground, the coming together of water and people and cultures and transport of the day
With deep caverns lit up like a rainbow
And railing and pavement and view masters

Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri old and today
History is right around the block or the river's bend
It wasn't that long ago when all this beauty mattered

Everyone just up and left.
You can scratch away the dingy surface to unearth the most pleasant reminders of who we are and where we've come from and what we should be saving.
Check it out, it's all there. 

Don't fuck it up and knock that building down.
You may not even understand what it was.
It may take years to understand.
You can park over there....