South Broadway Housing Projects in the Mt. Pleasant and Marine Villa Neighbhorhoods

A couple housing developments caught my eye on a quick scooter ride down South Broadway.

First a senior living housing complex under construction at South Broadway and Mt. Pleasant Street in the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood, just off of I-55.

IMG_0572 (1).JPG

I couldn't drum up any plans or renderings of the finished product for this particular development, but after a quick view of FWC, Inc, the company building the project, they have a St. Louis presence as they own the market rate "Lofts at Lafayette Square" at 1119 Mississippi Avenue in a handsome rehab of a 1903, five-story brick beauty that was once the home of Roberts, Johnson and Rand Shoe Company, which later became the International Shoe Company. It's now a 100+ apartment building providing much density to the Lafayette Square Neighborhood.

FWC has offices in the small suburban city of Clayton, MO (population ~16K) just west of St. Louis. They have done similar senior living homes in Colombia, MO.

If the current bones are any indication, it could look something like their "Village of Bedford Walk" in Colombia, MO.

Photo Credit - FWC Construction Co., Inc.

Photo Credit - FWC Construction Co., Inc.

IMG_0573 (1).JPG

Here's how the site looked previously when it was a church:

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 4.03.04 PM.png

Heading north on South Broadway near Winnebago Street in the Marine Villa Neighborhood I noticed several new handsome homes with nice matching street setbacks:


I know many who think that you brick facades are the best for St. Louis infill, I tend to disagree if the colors and materials are right. These look great to me adding interest from the street.

Notice the slight variation in porches? That is important and welcomed. It breaks up monotony and blends new construction.

Here's a view of what the site looked like dating back 7 years.

Google Streetview Image

Google Streetview Image

Great to see more housing options of all kinds in South City.