Everly On The Loop - Completed in 2017

Looking back at my favorite projects announced or under-construction in 2016, Everly on The Loop made the list.

My arguments for liking this project are highlighted HERE. I stopped by the Everly and walked around to take it in and how it fits into the Loop.

In short, it looks great.

We have one less vacant lot in a high profile part of town. We have one more urban building hugging the sidewalk, with retail space along Delmar, and more residents in St. Louis' West End Neighborhood.

But the real thing that grabbed me after visiting the building this past week is the height at 14-storeys; this building is huge. It is urban in every sense and is a nice addition to The Loop.

Here's a view heading west on Delmar; this building is now the largest on The Loop:


It looks good from the sidewalk too. The glazed green bricks/tiles on the retail portion along Delmar matches the green clay roof tiles on the handsome corner building in the far right of the photo below (currently Gokul Indian Restaurant).


The various heights make it interesting toward Rosedale Avenue with the small 3-story section that builds from the single story corner building to the massive 14-story leg of the tower.


Various finish colors and exterior materials make it interesting. 


Nice to have new residential and more retail potential on the St. Louis side of the Loop. Now, when can we view it from the trolley?

What do you think of the Everly?