Proposition N and a St. Louis City Talk Flip-Flop

One of the things I hope I'm transparent about as the writer on this blog is that I change my opinions and stances quite often. Please don't fault me. To me this is part of learning, aging and striving to be an objective viewer of life. Remember when the Republicans skewered John Kerry in an act of solidarity during the 2004 presidential election? "Flip" "Flop" over and over, all in unison. I think that really hurt Kerry in the minds of the average viewer. They made it seem shameful to change your mind....and in politics that can be deadly. However, in real life it's okay to flip flop on issues even if you have the power to leverage action on one side or the other.

With all that said, I'd like to announce a flip flop on anti-smoking. Back in August, 2008 I laid down a smoke em if you got em Libertarian rant.

At the time, I was fresh off the heals of being smoke free for nearly 9 months. My wife and I vowed that once we quit, we wouldn't be among those holier than thou anti-smoking judgemental types. Hopefully we've been true to that commitment. Yet, being smoke free has been great. As a non-smoker, going to a see live music in Illinois is better than Missouri.

I recently went to a week night show at Off Broadway (Camera Obscura) and it was smoke free, and much more enjoyable. The older I get the worse the hangover becomes from second hand smoke. That's just a fact. Anyhow, I hope St. Louis someday goes smoke free. It's just better and healthier for all of us.