Comments on this blog

I don't edit comments on this blog. They are published immediately, untouched. I like the comments, they help me feel like I'm part of a growing insurgence of people who want to read about the City of St. Louis....people who choose St. Louis as the place to live, work and play. A group that wants to elevate the city to new heights not seen since the post war days. A group that wants to be proud to call the city home, or part of a region that no longer looks down on itself and feels inferior. This is great city, you just need to brag about it's assets, experience it and perpetuate it. You need to speak out against the things that make St. Louis less of a destination place and more generic.

Anyhow, I like the comments functionality on And of course, I like writing for an audience. I guess it's an ego thing. For whatever reason, it's easier to think of an audience (no matter how small) as I try to formulate thoughts and present personal opinions or ideas related to St. Louis to an anonymous group of people. It somehow motivates me to keep writing; which is my ultimate goal of blogging. Keep...on...writing. For me, it's an escape from the mundane.

I've gotten some thought provoking comments on here as of late. So, in an attempt to spur more comments and/or interaction, I vow today to thoughtfully respond to each and every comment posted to the blog. I average about 2 comments per post, so this shouldm't be just too overwhelming a task.

So now's your chance to goad me into an argument, call me an ass or simply create a dialog. Alloisious Babblingon III, where you been?

Thanks for reading.