Minnesota and Hill Park

Minnesota and Hill park is one of three parks within the Mount Pleasant neighborhood.  This small 0.5 acre park is really not a park as opposed to a mowed field of weeds.  There is no signage, or anything else that would make the casual passerby know this was a park.

The park is at the intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Hill Street in the western shadow of I-55.

The "park" has been around since 1924 but you wouldn't know it.  I'm not sure if the construction of Interstate 55 wiped the park clean of its former state, or what but there is just simply nothing here.

There are mid-century apartment complexes to the south, a mid-century church to the north, I-55 easement to the east and neighborhood to the west.

That's all folks.  This is another example of unused/undeveloped park space that should just be sold.