Bittersweet Bakery

***Guest post by Shannon Groth***

I wanted to do a guest post on a recent trip with a friend to

The Bittersweet Bakery

in Benton Park. You've probably noticed the Polar Wave Ice and Fuel building that was rehabbed in the last few years along Gravois near Victor, right next to Hodak's.  That's where the bakery is housed.

As the resident sweet tooth, I thought I might be able to describe the delectable goodies that can be had in this wonderful bakery.

Let me start by saying I am a sucker for packaging. Put it in a cute package, I will by it. Make it fancy with a little bow, I might buy two. Bittersweet has packaging down to an art. Crumbly cookies on lacy china plates. Mini cakes are displayed on a cake stand dripping with crystals. A long butcher block counter holds everything you could imagine, and then some. Because not only does Bittersweet have fantastic sweets, they also offer a wide variety of savory pastries as well.

 Hot breakfast entrees, stuffed pastries, cakes and cookies, lunch specials, its all here. The pastries are to die for, the coffee is served in A REAL CUP. The bar along the tall front windows is cozy and inviting. A perfect place to sit, do some munching, and watch the traffic fly by on Gravois, and wonder why those poor saps are not inside this wonderful bakery with you. Support the little guy, you won't regret your choice, I promise. You can taste the quality in everything they make. Even if you just duck in for something "to go" do so.