Windsor Park

Windsor Park is one of three parks in the Hyde Park neighborhood.  It makes up 3.33 acres of the total 2,956 acres of park land in St. Louis.

The park is bordered by Penrose Street to the north, Blair Street to the east, Angelica Street to the south and the former alleyway east of N. 20th Street.

The park was placed into ordinance in 1947 and was named after Adelaide M. Windsor, whom I cannot seem to find any info on.  Please send me a note if you have any info on Ms. Windsor.

***Update: Thanks to reader Tom Herrmann, a link was shared that names Adelaide Windsor (1877-1940) as the founder of the Child Conservation Conference of St. Louis, and a former school in the Boulevard Heights neighborhood was named in her honor (source). Thanks Tom!***

The park has a tennis court, in excellent condition, a former softball field, a basketball court, playground and a closed up service building.

No landscaping exists.  The former ball field's infield is now overgrown and melds into one large field.

It was good to see bike racks.

This park could be so much more, but the neighborhood has to embrace it and make it such.

The homes that surround the park are beautiful and are in various conditions from decent to abandoned to demolished, empty lots.

The streets around the park are blocked off with Schoemehl pots forming mazes and unwelcoming streets.

There is a former 1930's art deco police station on Penrose Street.  These can be found in several areas throughout St. Louis.

The park provides beautiful views to the north of 2 of St. Louis' 3 water towers (stand pipes).  The white Grand Avenue Water Tower can be seen to the west and the Bissell Water Tower to the east.

North City is strikingly beautiful, and Hyde Park is one of its standout neighborhoods of old Victorian St. Louis.