Hotel Angad Now Complete - A 2017 St. Louis City Talk Favorite Project

Going through our list of 2017 development project favorites, a couple are now complete. Hotel Agnad in the Covenant Blu/Grand Center Neighborhood is one.

Now the development of the former Missouri Theater building was at one point supposed to house the U.S. offices of Bullmoose Tube currently located in Chesterfield, MO. That disappointedly fell through.

But, the place is amazing.

I drove by for a quick look at the exterior…wow. This one is garnering national attention per it’s unique arts-focused theme. You can get a room based on the color palatte that reflects your current mood. Ha, my mom had a ring that did the same thing back in the 1970’s.

Per a November, 2018 CNN piece:

The four options are red (passion), green (rejuvenation), yellow (happiness) and blue (tranquility).
And the color plays a bigger role than just determining the paint on the walls. There are little and big touches everywhere, from throw pillows to the rubber duckies in the bathroom.

Check out the awesome interior photos in that CNN story.

Here are some photos of the exterior and unique touches visible from Grand and Samuel Shepard Drive:

A major preservation win for this fantastic stretch of Grand.

So much interest from the street, this is not your average Motel 6, friends. St. Louis is a beautiful city and this is just one more reason why you should move here.