Kingsbury Park

Kingsbury Park is 1 of 3 parks serving the Skinker-DeBaliviere Neighborhood.  It makes up 0.6 acres of the total 2,956 acres of park land in St. Louis.  It was placed into ordinance in 1980 as was the neighborhood that surrounds it.

This is a small pocket park that kind of serves as the "town square" of a small 1980's development that has a very unique, kind of Disney or movie-set feel.  It is not typical St. Louis, but I imagine it has an appeal for folks just wanting privacy and a sense of insular seclusion.

The park had the feel of somewhere you shouldn't be if you don't live in the surrounding Kingsbury Place homes.  I got weird looks from the 2 families that were there.  It's surely not a destination place, but it is a really nice and almost charming place if not a wee bit contrived.   The park feels private not public which I believe is the intent of this part of town.  In fact, you won't find the typical city park signage with brown wood with white etched lettering here.

Here's a look at the vinyl clad homes that surround the park between Westminster to the north, Kingsbury Place to the south and Kingsbury Square East and West flanking the edges.

The thing that makes this park work for me is the selection of trees.  The whole area has a good canopy and it really compliments the park and surrounding homes.

The park is lined by a brick and metal fence.

There are sidewalks surrounding it as well.

The center of the park has a fountain which was dedicated to Irving Clay, Jr., alderman from 1991-2003.

And, there is a gazebo.

There are signs of responsible pet use in the park.

Overall, I really like this park.  The walls and trees make a perfectly private outdoor room.  The park was impeccably clean upon my visit.