1.5 miles from a micro-brewery

I've read/heard tales of a St. Louis where kids would take emptied beer pales up to the corner tavern to refill it (probably sipping the top as not to spill on the way home) and bring it back home to mom and dad.  I recall being served at 8 or 9 years old at fish stands in Smithton and Millstadt, Illinois and carrying the metal bucket filled with cold lager back to the adult table.  I thought I was the king.  I felt trusted and pretty big time.

I feel like a kid again as there is a microbrewery less than 1.5 miles from my house where I can fill my growler for $10 with tasty seasonal selections of hand crafted beer.  Lucky me, now if I could just send my kids to get it for me....

I love living in a big city with plenty of neighborhood micro-brews.  I love supporting small business and helping unique businesses thrive in our neighborhoods.  St. Louis still needs more business to compliment the amazing housing stock.  This would really set us apart from other cities in the United States.