Daydream #388

I awoke to the youthful punk rock ethos challenging my grownup capitalistic American brain…it was a public servant/official accountability dream that woke me up…

WOKE me.

When the Preservation Review Board and Cultural Resources Office usher in surface parking lots and other atrocities, the business/lobbying interests of the members who voted in favor or abstained should be prominently advertised on site. “This parking lot in a historic neighborhood brought to you by…”

Logos and photos prominently displayed. It’d likely be an eye opener for the general public. Who’s good and bad in those rolls? No one knows, unless you advertise it. Prominently.

When tax incentives are given to a developer for high-end uses, require the campaign photo of the alderman and those on the BOA who voted for it (aldermanic courtesy) on every construction fence and story written about it.

It’d be good/bad for business. The truth shall set us free. Transparency in building the next STL.