Carondelet Lions Park

Carondelet Lions not that Carondelet Park, the other one.  This park is located in

the Carondelet Neighborhood

, right in the shadow of the awesome, recently renovated Coca-Cola syrup plant, now called

the Temtor

that houses the delicious 

Perennial Artisan Ales

...and has a lot of people living there now within its apartments.

This 1.7 acre park has been situated between Michigan, Minnesota, Davis and Poepping streets since 1929.

This tract of land was originally owned by Bryan Mullanphy who, in his will, bequeathed this property to the City of Saint Louis. Its use as a Park was recognized by the Lions Club of Carondelet and the possibilities of suitable development prompted action by the Club officers and members which resulted in the general improvement of the premises. (source)

If there is one thing St. Louis needs it is more people living here.  The influx of people living in the former Coke plant has added life to this part of Carondelet.  

When I parked my scooter in front of the park, I saw a woman who lives in the neighborhood who doesn't have A/C; she was folding her laundry under the shade of a maple tree.  She said it's easier and cooler to get laundry done at the park where her kid can run around and she can sit in peace.  I love it.  

Also, there were several people walking their dogs in the park.  This is the perfect park to walk dogs, because there are gated entries to a fully enclosed 4 foot fence surrounding a walking path and center grassy expanse just begging the dogs to run and jump and play. There is even a pet waste station with bags and a small trash can.  Pets are certainly welcome at Carondelet Lions Park!

This park has a great feel; there has been some recent investment and it looks clean and cared for.  New trash cans, lighting, etc.  There is just something about Carondelet that I love.

The park has a playground, a couple pavilions for parties and a concrete pad that may have future plans...if you know what's up with this pad, let me know what the plans are.

This park and the Temtor look great.  Now I'm off to the OTHER Carondelet Park.