The Yachts of Carondelet

I moved north from the


area almost six years ago, so whenever I am down there, I rediscover what I loved about that part of town. It is the most architecturally mixed neighborhood...a mishmash of all things South City. And, I'm including

The Patch

when I say Carondelet.

I just can't miss roaming around this part of town and taking in the lifestyles and nuances of this place.

Most recently, these yachts of Carondelet added to the personal intrigue:

dumped or docked?

Corn being grown as sidewalk and front porch border; you can sometimes feel like you are in the deep South.

Ghost signs are everywhere, like most older St. Louis neighborhoods. This one says "Squirrel Food Products". 

Whether you are dropping by

Fanetti P

laza for a summer concert:

Visiting the recently restored

Carondelet Library


Or getting a decadent burger at


 or dropping in


for a slice of Jersey-style can't go wrong in Carondelet.