Maiden Voyage on the Loop Trolley

It was a beautiful 60 degree fall day in St. Louis, we had to drop off one of our kids at the Art Museum. We noticed a mass of people waiting at the Missouri History Museum Loop Trolley Stop.

Missouri History Museum - Loop Trolley Stop

Missouri History Museum - Loop Trolley Stop

Why not blow some time and take a ride. Turns out it was operating for free, but we gladly would have paid the $2 ticket machine that takes credit cards and are available at all stops.

The trolley is neat. How can you be so cynical to not think this is a fun thing to do? The Loop Trolley has experienced years of delays. But, it’s going now and it is a nice tourist attraction.

Little kids were in heaven and it is obviously bringing a lot of tourism to the area. It was PACKED on the trolley, so much so that moving about was impossible, so there won’t be any photos from the vantage point of the windows.

The trolleys are cool looking replicas. We rode the red 001 trolley for the entire route, which took ~1 hour roundtrip. Many of the platforms along the way were crowded and we picked up Steve Patterson from UrbanReviewSTL along the way, so it was good to see someone in a chair using the trolley. Too bad I couldn’t make my way to say hi to Steve and get his initial thoughts.

Point is, the stops took a long time and people are getting used to boarding, so it was a slower ride. Perfect for a Saturday.

It was fun. The trolley horn is kind of like a car horn, but the wire you pull to indicate you are getting off has the “cling clang” bell sound. The drivers were having fun with the large crowds and were really nice and accommodating.

Here’s a short video of 001 pulling away.

We’ll be back when it’s not so crowded to take in the views from a seat.