St. Louis Square Park

St. Louis Square Park is a gem of a pocket park (1.66 acres) in the deep south side of St. Louis in the awesome

Patch Neighborhood


The park has been around since 1882 and is bordered by South Broadway, Pennsylvania Avenue, Courtois Street and Schirmer Street:

It is hard not to love the potential of Broadway.  This could be our French Quarter if there was ever vision and money to make it happen.

 oh my

, urban-scaled new construction!!!

This park is simply awesome.  It feels perfectly laid out and surrounded by its neighboring commercial and residential buildings.  The old stone home that sits on the property is awesome.

This little Christmas vignette was displayed next to the stone building...complete with baby Jesus, snowman, robots and humpty dumpty.

You can tell the neighborhood likes this park and is investing in it.  There are trash cans at all entry points as well as the interior.  There are signs of attention and landscaping within the park.  It is in good hands and looks cared for.

The service building needs some attention as the slate tiles and roof are falling into disrepair.  This would be one that should be targeted for restoration as the stone complements the other stone structure within the park.

There are playgrounds and a monument to James Eads and the construction of iron clad warships of the Civil War that were designed and built near this site on the Mississippi.

I love this park and the Patch!