What makes a good street?

My wife and I have lived in St. Louis since 1994. We've rented/owned in Soulard, Dutchtown, Holly Hills, Kingshighway Hills and Boulevard Heights.

We are beginning the search for a new home. Actually, we are looking for the perfect home, street and neighborhood to move into in ~2-3 years.

My 49cc scooter allows me to zip around the city at all times of day/night to investigate the various neighborhoods and streets.

I really like Tower Grove South and East. I like Shaw, Lafayette Square and Compton Heights. Carondelet, Gravois Park, Benton Park, Fox Park are cool too, but we're looking for a little more street life and services/businesses.

I like the Hill, St. Louis Hills, Southtown, North Hampton, Holly Hills; but we're ready for a change.

Here's a list of items that are must haves for us to relocate to:
  1. tree lined streets
  2. coffee shop within walking distance
  3. decent bar within walking distance (not a sports bar or hoosier joint)
  4. at least 3 independent, tasty dining options within walking distance
  5. community garden within walking distance
  6. majority housing stock pre-1940
  7. continuity with it's surroundings (not sided homes on one street, brick on the other)
  8. park within walking distance
  9. off-street parking with alley-garage
What makes the perfect neighborhood or street for you?