Great Rivers Greenway Extension

Took a ride on the River Des Peres Greenway extension this morning. As usual,

Great Rivers Greenway

has done a careful, excellent job. There is the familiar stone work, decorative pavers with the fleur de lis imprint and well graded paths. In addition, there are a few really interesting touches unique to this extension. First, they installed decorative metalwork on the Morgan Ford overpass, they also painted the buttresses with the flowing water pattern:

Secondly, they added some nice touches at the corner of Morgan Ford and Germania at the entrance to the extension toward I-55:

Thirdly, I like the way they have worked in trees to provide shade and interest at the stopping/resting points:

As usual, the selection and placement of trees is fantastic. There are more ginkos along this stretch and some larger grasses planted toward Germania. All in all, another excellent and beautiful addition to St. Louis. The next extension is planned for 2010; this will take the trail from I-55 to Alabama avenue. It will add an additional 0.5 mile to the River Des Peres greenway.