Former Mop Factory Sees new Ownership, Potential Residential Redevelopment - St. Louis City Talk Favorite from 2017

The former Bouras Mop Factory at Dolman and Park Avenue in the Peabody-Darst-Webbe Neighborhood sits on the eastern border of the Lafayette Square Neighborhood

It is an important building that must not be destroyed or allowed to succumb to the elements. Lafayette Square is quite the testament to tasteful rehabs. This building deserves the same treatment.


I've read of potential starts and stops and changes in ownership for years. In fact, going back to 2012, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on one such story. It never materialized.

I've also heard secondhand reports that there have been some internal neighborhood NIMBY-ism against rentals and parking concerns. Geez already.

It's exciting that this building could become ~50 new homes, as one of the only drawbacks of this neighborhood is that it feels kind of isolated and not very populated. This project could add some much needed density that the neighborhood deserves. I don't think any of the retail/restaurants/bars in the neighborhood would argue with more customers. And pedestrian activity in the park and streets around here is always a plus.

So when the Post-Dispatch published a story in January, 2017, I was once again hopeful for this building to be re-activated:

The new project doesn’t include any commercial space on the ground floor, according to the city planning report, but planners note that the “unusual configuration” of ground floor windows may make street-level commercial difficult. In any case, staff supported the project because of the potential to add another 50 households to a long-unused building. Also included are 63 parking spaces on a lot behind the building.
— Tim Bryant - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I'm hopeful once again as this new ownership group, Asprient Properties, has had previous success with the Soulard IceHouse and the on-going Whistler Apartment building currently under construction in Soulard. They also own the Ely Walker Lofts downtown, and other high-rises in the Debaliviere, Midtown/Central West End neighborhoods. They have a nice track record in St. Louis.

I wish them all the best, this part of town needs more people. 

The new construction that is popping up on Dolman Street is fantastic. You can read all about that HERE

Vacant lots being turned into new homes is much welcomed, however, the neighborhoods deserve a classic 1910 brick building as a bookend to the block. People need to come into Lafayette Square on Park Avenue and see the real deal, it'll help the tasteful new construction blend much better. It'll be a modern example of the on-going rehabbing and preservation that the neighborhoods boasts.

I really hope to see this one takes off once and for all.