Adams Grove - 2017 St. Louis City Talk Favorite

Last year, the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood was hot with development proposals galore.

We blogged on five of those proposals including 4101 Manchester, 4400 Manchester, ChromaSTL, Woodward Lofts and the Laclede Station G Pumping Station. All but the latter are underway.

The good news continued for the neighborhood in 2017 with the start of Adams Grove:

Adams Grove is a 50-home affordable housing development in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. The scattered site development in the City of St. Louis features homes available along Vista, Norfolk, and Swan Avenues. Built using Enterprise Green Communities standards, the modern townhomes and apartments will feature energy efficient designs, open floor plans, large windows, on-site parking and appliances. Currently known for its cultural institutions, burgeoning restaurant & bar scenes, quaint shops and clothing boutiques, the Forest Park Southeast community beckons residents and visitors alike to explore and enjoy all aspects of this area. Waiting list opening in November 2017!

Adams Grove is developed by Rise Community Development.

Altman-Charter Company – General Contractor

Trivers Associates – Architect

The 50 homes include 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom garden units and townhomes. They are spread across the south side of neighborhood:

Images from Trivers/Rise

The construction is well underway as of publishing. Much of this housing is being built on vacant lots, but some homes were destroyed to make way for the new construction. Here's an example of the type of homes that were demo'd in the 4400 block of Norfolk:

4400 Block of Norfolk Avenue - Before

4400 Block of Norfolk Avenue - Before

4400 Block of Norfolk Avenue - During Construction

4400 Block of Norfolk Avenue - During Construction


The north side of the 4400 block of Norfolk had a couple nice brick homes demo'd, but there is infill on vacant lots as well:

Two smaller brick buildings on each side of the 2-story were destroyed.

Two smaller brick buildings on each side of the 2-story were destroyed.

The 4300 block of Swan Avenue just east of Newstead has a new home going up on a former vacant lot:

The 4400 block of Vista Avenue is maybe the most dramatic improvement in reversing the negativity of abandonment and neglect where an accumulation of former vacant lots looked like a field:

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 6.48.54 AM.png


I really think these designs are going to hold up better than the early 1970s styles that are very common in this neighborhood:

But, who knows, these mod designs will definitely look of their time. We'll have to see how the passing of time dates or memorializes these architectural styles.

This kind of project is exciting because it provides balance and diversity in price points for a neighborhood. And, it bring new, lower-maintenance housing to a market that is largely old, brick buildings. 

You know, not everyone is cut out to maintain or be a good stewards of a 100+ year old home. You have to be devoted to it, you have to love it. Not all want that kind of commitment and these new homes will provide just that. Quality housing at a lower price point to balance the higher-end market rate places including those that I mentioned above. In fact there is some handsome modern market rate homes being built at Vista and Newstead, sadly, many brick buildings were destroyed to bring these online. These two are called Core @ Newstead:

This project is transforming the neighborhood and will add some much needed residents to a part of Forest Park Southeast that was clearing out and still bares the scars of years of neglect and bad owners/landlords.